Tab delimited to comma delimited


Arne Hegefors

Hi! I have a text file in notepad. The txt file is tab delimited. I want to
transfor it to comma delimited. Is this possible by pasting the data to Excel
and using some kind of "reverse text to columns"? Any idea? Thanks!

Arne Hegefors

Thanks! It works fine to save it as CSV and then paste it back to notepad.
the problem is that the CSV format uses ";" as delimiter. I need ",". I know
I can search/replace but sometimes I have ";" in the text. Is there any way
to modify the delimiter? Thanks alot!

"David Biddulph" skrev:

Dave Peterson

Excel picks up this delimiter from a windows setting.

Go to the control panel, regional and language options (in winXP Home)
Regional options tab
click the customize button
On the Numbers tab, change the list separator to what you want.

Most people in the USA use a comma. Most(?) people in Europe use the semicolon.

You may want to change it back when you're done.

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