Import from MSWorks to Outlook?



Hello, I'm trying to organize for the New Year. I'd like to import my
current address book from Microsoft Works 98 into Outlook 2003. It appears
that the Works file has a file extension of "*.wdb". I'm sorry to say I
don't know the differences between Outlook and Outllook Express, or what "tab
delineated" or "comma delineated" or ".pst vs. .pab" mean within the context
of the available import commands. Unfortunately, all my snail-mail addresses
exist in this MS Works file, while me e-mail addresses exist in AOL (and all
my phone contact numbers are in my cell phone which is unfortunately at the
bottom of Lake Tahoe).
I'd like to be able to synchronize all this contact info with my new cell
phone. Also, I'd like to be able to keep separate (files?) for my business,
wife's business, our personal, her personal, my personal all from single home
computer, and be able to synchronize with work computer. Thanks for any
helpful input. - Gus


I don't use Works but I believe, within Works you would have to export your
db in either a tab/comma delineated format then try an import of that into

Or if you have Office 2003 try an import into Excel of you Works db then
import that excel file into OL.

However as your Works version is quite old I don't know whether Excel can

You might be better advised to post to a Works ng for how to export to
or an Excel ng on how to import the works DB

To keep separate OL files you might be advised to look at Profiles in help
As for the rest, try to get your DB/contacts sorted first, otherwise you'll
be overwhelmed.

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