I had to reinstall Frontpage 2003 yesterday. Now the images on my webpages in
design view do not appear, just the frame with the X. The images appear in
the preview mode and in the preview in browser. I tried to add the images
again, but it does not work. Any suggestions?

E. T. Culling

Have all your images actually been imported into your site ... and not
residing in your hard drive?


They are all in my image folder in the web. I checked that. When I open
Frontpage and open the page the pictures are not there. If I change to
preview, they show up. I imported 1 page from the web into Frontpage, just to
see, and again no pix. I installed all the service packs... I am at a loss.
Does that mean I have to redo the whole website?

Thomas A. Rowe

Why are you importing a page into the web, since that doesn't bring in the photos, and any link to
photo will be point back to the location that you imported the page from.

Why not just the delete the photo on the current page, and then re-insert them. Make sure that you
have a web / site open before you open a page.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
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