Images do not insert into database



Access 2007 Vista Business

I am trying to insert a picture into a database form. I've tried both bmp
and jpeg files. the objects end up going in as in icon instead of the actual

it can't be for lack of graphics filters, I have photoshop, illustrator,
coreldraw and previous office versions graphic filters installed.

i have found that if i open the image in Paint first, i can copy and paste
it into the database, but this should not have to be this way!!!!




Insert the picture into an unbound object frame. Where you choose list boxes,
combo boxes, and so forth, select unbound object frame.


Sorry, no, I am adding pictures to each record in a form. I've used the
"Image" from the Controls group when designing it. Then in Form View of the
form, I right click on the placeholder and select Insert Object. I browse for
the image I want to add (I've tried both bmp and jpeg files), but the end
result is like "imagename.bmp" instead of the actual picture.

What I'm doing as a workaround is opening each image in Paint and copying
and pasting... such a pain!


You first posts sounded like you wanted to do a one-time embedding of a
picture into a form design. Your second post sounds very different
(different picture for each record) and makes the problem much clearer.

First, you have to get each picture into or associated with each record in
the table. Your sure fire way to do this is to store the path and file name
in a text field in the table, and then use cosd to display it in a form.
There has been lot of "how to" on this in previous posts.

(Using an ole type field to store the picture "in" the table works badly at
least through Access 2003. Unconfirmed rumor is that it works better in
2007. )




The end user does not have acces to the table. They are to add data as a new
record including adding an image. The instructions should be to right click
on the picture field that was created in the form and choose "Insert Object".
Then browse to the saved location of the image.

This always worked in earlier versions of Office when PhotoEditor was still
included. Since PE has been discontinued, the image problems with Access





(On a side note, I didn't mean that the user would be entering directly in
the table,)

It sounds like you were / are using an ole field. Your problem is another
illustration of what that's not a good way to do that. The other is
massive bloat, certainly at least up up through 2003. We had the problem of
Microsoft breaking what we were doing by removal of PE a long time before
Access 2007.


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