Image display problem



Database purpose: Museum collection records

Using Access 2003, I was able to input VB code that allows me to view linked
images in Form view. All images are jpegs at 72dpi and 300 pixels in width.
Under the image box properties, the Size Mode is set to clip, which works

Now some of our computers are switched over to Access 2007 and the images
are no longer displaying properly (though they still work fine on those
computers still using Access 2003). Every image displays differently, even
though all images are the same dpi and size, i.e., some images show as tiny
thumnails, some as larger, some as super large, and so on. The only way I can
find to correct this is to set the Image Size Mode to zoom, but this creates
very pixelated images in Form View.

How can I fix this problem? Please keep answers in as simple a form as
possible, as I've not been an Access user for very long.


images of the same size will show up in clip mode if the screen resolutions
are different... there is code available to resize your db items for
different screen resolutions but it gets tricky for graphics and fonts.

they should look the same with the same screen resolution... post back if
that's not the case.


I double checked and the screen resolution is not affecting how the images
display. I am guessing that there is a problem with the VB code, i.e., there
is a slight variation in how the code is written between 2003 and 2007
versions. Unfortunately, I only copied and pasted the code in and don't know
VB, so I have no way of knowing if this is the case. My other guess is that
it has to do with the addition of the Control Source property for image boxes
in 2007. I tried putting the Control Source as the Image Path field and
nothing seemed to happen one way or another.

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