Image Backup utility



I backup my XP PC to an external USB drive using Acronis True Image
software and it works great. I've restored even the C: partition more
than once and it has worked flawlessly.

A friend decided she too wished to start backing up her system and I
advised buying an external USB HD - which she did. Now she is asking
about backup software. She is not anxious to lay out more money so I
looked around for free options and found something called "DriveImage
XML" ( ) and watched its tutorial on

As far as I can see it seems to be very similar to my Acronis True Image
and I am considering recommending it to her. Does anyone know how it
compares to the Acronis software? Is it as reliable? Does it compress
as efficiently? etc.?




Rich Barry

Jeff, it's free with Tutorial on YouTube. What's not to like.




ethics aside :) why don't you just give her a copy of your true image and
tell her not to register it?

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