IF Formula problem


Erika Renicker

I have a formula that appears to be giving two different results for no
explainable reason. My table is listed first, followed by the same thing
with formulas shown.

Can anyone help?

041 5,597.76 041 5,719.76 -122.00 FEE - OK
029 4,010.93 029 4,133.93 -123.00 VARIANCE

41 5597.76 41 5719.76 =B1-D1 =IF(OR((E1-(ROUNDUP(E1,0)))>0,(E1-(ROUNDUP(E1,0)))<0),"VARIANCE","FEE - OK"
29 4010.93 29 4133.93 =B2-D2 =IF(OR((E2-(ROUNDUP(E2,0)))>0,(E2-(ROUNDUP(E2,0)))<0),"VARIANCE","FEE - OK")



Luke M

You could have some hidden decimals. Are the values in B and D manually
entered, or are they coming from somewhere else? I'm thinking that if the
value of E2 is actually -123.00001 (or similar) your formula is correct,
there is a variance. If you're just checking for decimals, perhaps:
=IF(RIGHT(TEXT(ROUNDUP(G11,2),"0.00"),2)<>"00","VARIANCE","FEE - OK")

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