Exel increment date problem wrt todays date.



A1=Name of person
B1=Date Joined club
C1=First Fee Due Date, =Bx+25, which is every 25th day from date
D1=Previous Fee Due Date
E1=Next Fee Due Date

I inserted D2, E2 and D3, E3 by finding out the dates by dragging Cx.

Question: How do I get D4 and E4 to display the dates with respect to
the current date? TODAY().

A1 B1 C1 D1 E1
Stephen 2/16/2007 3/13/2007 10/24/2007 11/18/2007
Larry 8/1/2007 8/26/2007 10/15/2007 11/9/2007
Peggy 9/6/2007 10/1/2007



Bernard Liengme

What do your mean by "with respect to the current date"?
Do you mean how many days from today?
If so use
=your-formula - TODAY()
and format as General
best wishes

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