IEEE 1394 card blocks Internet connection



I connect to the Internet with a DSL modem/Ethernet and/or
a V.90 dial up modem. I recently installed an IEEE 1394
firewire-USB 2.0 combo card in my Windows XP computer.
Windows recognized both controllers, and installed the

However, it also installed an IEEE 1394 network
controller. It is listed in the Hardware Device Manager
under Network Adapters. If I go to Control Panel\Network
Connections there is a new 1394 Net Connection listed.
And in Control\Panel\Internet Connections, there is a new
dial up connection called RTSMini.

The problem is that my Internet connection is somehow
blocked. Both my DSL modem and my dial up modem say that
I am connected, but I cannot get on the Internet or get my

I have tried disabling the 1394 controller in Device
Manager, but I still have no Internet connection and as
soon as the computer is restarted, Windows installs it
again. I have to physically remove the controller card
and do a System Restore to regain my Internet connection.

Is there any way to keep Windows from installing the 1394
net connection, or permanently delete it? I really like
the card and would like to keep it. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.



Look in your network connections if there is a bridge
created between the ieee1394 and the local area net delete


Thanks for the reply, but there was no bridge shown. Any
other ideas would be welcome.


Tony Lohrey

check propeties of My Network Places, click Advanced on
the menu bar, click Advanced Settings from that list. Here
you will see the NICs and their jobs. Organize here!

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