IE7 GPO Proxy issues




I'm running IE7 on a Win XP Pro SP3 client machine. Running on a new 2008
domain. The XP machine has the 2008 GP client side extentions installed.

We normally set up IE to look at a proxy and override the proxy for only
sites needed as and when. This is done by going into a GPO and setting up
the proxy in the Internet Explorer maintenance. However the proxy override
box never has enough space for all the addresses. So this key was set in the
group policy Preferences > Registry to replace the key with a set of values.
(new to 2008 GPO)

Additionally other security permissions are set to disallow access to
internet options and preventing user from changing proxy settings etc.

This was tested and working correctly on a development machine. However when
the settings are applied in the production environment the proxy settings are
greyed out, but none of the settings have been applied. But when i go into
the registry under
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Internet Settings\

The settings have been double checked but have not applied.

Does anyone know if another GPO setting will block application of the proxy
to IE7? or a solution to this problem.

Many Thanks



Many thanks for the suggestions and appologies for placing the question in
the wrong place, its pretty confusing with the amount of differing products
and forums.

It turns out that the GPO was actually setting the PC to use the
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE settings for the proxy instead of the HKEY_CURRENT_USER
like my current scripts were doing, as to why i am unsure i know there's a
setting the re-points IE to look at these settings.

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