IE7 big problems



This past week I had to take my computer down to factory condition after
losing internet connection icons and other issues.n This was great for about
a week. I updated the original IE6 to IE7 again in this process. Last night
I opened IE7 and have no menus, no Favorites, etc., no tabs, no text showing
the site I'm on in the text bar, just a plain blue button with the "e" logo.
I tried a system restore, I tried reinstalling IE7 (it was saved to my
desktop). Then I thought I'd try installing IE8 (which had failed earler)
but found I can't download anything. Anything. Anybody know what's going on



Douglas J. Steele

Sorry, but this newsgroup is intended for questions about Access, the
database product that's part of Office Professional.

You'd be best off reposting your question to a newsgroup related to Internet

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