ie6 questions on offline browsing buffered web pages


Peter Anderson

My connection is dialing up by telephone modem, I often get online browsing
some intended web pages roughly, then get offline and browsing visited
buffered web pages carefully later in my convenience.

1. In ie6's, click tool button history, I can see all urls I've visited on
left of ie6's window, when select menu file->offline mode, I find some urls
in history list greyed, that means they can't be opened in offline mode. I
do wonder *what* kind of visited web pages can't be opened in offline mode
and *why*? Detailed and technical explains are more welcome.

2. Of course, most of urls in history list aren't greyed, that means they
can be opened in offline mode, but some of them really annoy me deadly, when
I try to open any one of the annoying ones, it always brings up one (or more
some times) dialog box asking me whether I connect to internet now or still
keep offline, surely my answer is always keep offline, then dialog box
closese and the buffered web pages appears. I really hate seeing these
unwelcome dialog boxes *repeatedly* and I'm tired of making a mouse clicking
to close them each time! I've told ie6 by selecting menu file->offline mode
that I don't want to get online right now, why clever ie6 is so awfully
*forgetful* just at this point?

Thank you for your patiences!

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H Leboeuf

Check this out. It may be the reason.
Meaning that the page is not cached in your Temporary Internet Files
See if you get a message when you try to Save As web page complete.

This Web Page Could Not Be Saved
When you attempt to save a Web page using the Web Page, complete
(*.htm;*.html) or Web Archive, single file (*.mht) options in Internet
Explorer, you may receive the follow error message: Error Saving Web Page.
This Web page could not be saved. (i. e. 5, 6. May 10, 2003)

The probable cause is that the web page contains a link to a StyleSheet
which resides
on a different server than the one where the page is located. After some
security update (MS02-023 Patch or later), Internet Explorer blocks access
StyleSheet code if the code is on a different domain/server.
This is why the page fails to be saved.

For more information about MS02-023, please see:
322928 MS02-023: Patch Available to Disable Frames in the Restricted Sites

The following is an example:
1. Open the web site in Internet Explorer on a machine
where MS02-023 security patch or later (such as Internet Explorer 6 SP1) is

2. Select Internet Explorer File menu and select Save.
3. Leave 'Save as Type' to 'Web Page, complete (*.htm,*.html)

Before saving of the web page is complete, and error message appears:
"Error Saving Web Page: The Web page could not be saved to the selected
You can click OK to close the message, but the page is not saved to disk.

If you do the same with for example everything
works perfectly.

The difference is that uses:
<ink rel="stylesheet"
and aflonbadet:
<LINK rel="stylesheet" type="TEXT/CSS"
href=",3590,bas,00.css"> is a different server than the current web page, while is in the same sever.

To resolve the problem, you can inform the web site administrator to change
the StyleSheet location in the website.

Hover Xue
Microsoft Partner Online Support

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