IE6 - Can't Delete History more than few days old, Memory/Perf Iss



Running: Win98SE, IE6, accessing internet via AOL9.0 dial-up (running IE6
with AOL connected in background). 384MB physical PC memory.

Have (2) relatively recent problems. Have not performed any software
installations, etc. that I can attribute the problems to. Have scanned for
spyware/adware. Have "updated" Windows & IE with any critical updates.

1. Can't delete any IE "History" entries (except "today's). Was able to
delete any of my "history" normally up until ~2 weeks ago. However, I CAN
delete entries from "today's" history either in IE6 directly, or in Windows
Explorer/My Computer/etc. However, I can NOT delete any entries older than a
day old (from "yesterday" back). I have 39 weeks worth of "history" that I
can NOT delete in IE, Windows Explorer, or MyComputer, even when not logged
onto internet. History items seem "locked". Have even tried to delete via
PowerDesk5, but have the same problem. Program "attempts" to delete, but
file won't delete from folder.
Note: I have some "history" entries I would like to save, if possible (to
go back to). Would prefer not to delete my entire "history", if possible.

2. The 2nd problem I have is extremely poor surfing performance (and
premature web 'disconnect') which acts like a memory/buffer problem.

In the past few weeks, I can only surf to perhaps ~10 sites, before IE stops
"connecting" to the web. AOL actually stays connected in background, but IE
can't "find" the pages requested. AOL's IE browser also stops working, but
AOL stays connected itself - just can't request a www page. When it "stops
working", can not access any new web pages or even refresh my current page.
I have "Clear temp folder upon exit" checked in IE "options".
I also try to clear "today's" history when this happens.
I have Windows Virtual Memory setting at max allowable (have tried "manage
automatically" and manually setting to max. amount).
Have "Temp Internet Files Folder Settings" set to max. allowable size: 9654MB.
Have recently Deleted all Cookies

Any suggestions? Change of settings (Windows, IE Options, etc)

If I try to download a large file, sometimes stops downloading before

Tried to FTP some files today, and transfer stopped before download was
complete. Gave an error message saying that "buffer" was full.

If I reboot computer, log on to internet thru AOL, as usual, can then surf
again (for limited time). But again have problems if surf to over ~dozen
sites, try downloading a large file, or leave computer connected to internet
too long (even idle). Rebooting temporarily "fixes" the problem. Seems
like a memory issue of some type by program behavior. Please help ASAP.
Thank you.

Don Varnau

This sounds like a case of file/folder corruption. A large History folder or
Temporary Internet Files folder will be more prone to corruption. You should
delete these folders- new folders will be created on restart.

It's often recommended that the TIF folder be kept at about 50-60 MB and
cleared occasionally. Also, not a hard and fast rule, but I would not try to
keep more than 10-20 days of history.

Follow the Win98 instructions at to
delete the history and tempor~1 folders (from DOS.) Internet Explorer should
work better afterwards.

Hope this helps,

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