IE Under Attack: Microsoft Ponders Emergency Patch


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IE Under Attack: Microsoft Ponders Emergency Patch

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IE Under Attack: Microsoft Ponders Emergency Patch
By Ryan Naraine
March 24, 2006

Updated: Microsoft confirms a wave of drive-by downloads targeting a zero-day browser vulnerability and says Internet Explorer users can expect a patch on April 11, if not sooner.

Malicious hackers are using hijacked Web servers and compromised sites to launch a wave of zero-day attacks against an unpatched flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser."



"MSIE exploit
Microsoft pondering emergency patch

Posted on 2006-03-26 13:50:26

Merely visiting a poisoned URL (whether directly or via a pop-up or probably other more subtle ways) is enough for a PC to be infected. Some anti-virus scanners will block the infection today, others may not. Newer infection code that is not picked up by AV scanners could easily be added to the mix.

At this stage Microsoft is apparently thinking of including the fix in the next scheduled update (April 11th) but may rush a fix forward. Security researchers are noting that the number of poisoned URLs are increasing rapidly as the users of the exploit seek to build or add to their bot-nets. The only known easy fix right now is to disable "active scripting", a setting that breaks functionality on most popular websites."



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