IE sending wrong username to intranet site



I am the network manager of a 50-user company. We have a problem on a number
of PCs. (all built from the same image and sysprepped).

This problem is affecting some users and not others without any apparrent

The user launches internet explorer and browses to the company intranet
(running on sharepoint, which is set for integrated security and is in the
same domain as all the PCs).

Some users are prompted for their credentials and some are not. Those who
are have to delete the (wrong) username field and enter the correct one (the
one they are logged on with) then it works.

The site is in the "local intranet" zone and the zone settings are set to
"send username and password in the local intranet zone". There is no
apparrent difference in the AD or SPS accounts of the users affected from the
unaffected ones.

IE should be sending the currently-logged-on credentials. instead it is
sends the currently-logged-on username prepended with the website URL. The
affected users have to remove the website url from the username field and
enter the logon domain instead.


the website is
the AD and DNS domain is (netbios name is MYDOMAIN)
the username is user1
problem: the affected user runs IE and it pops up the dialog box which
suggests "\user1" as the username. they have to change this
to "\username". As a workaround they could of course then click
on "save password" to avoid this box coming up in future, but for obvious
security reasons we try to discourage use of this feature.

I have browsed the knowledgebase and googled extensively without resolution.

all help appreciated,



Erratum: When I said "username" in the summary I did of course mean "user1" -
IE is not changnig the user name, just the domain. thanks.

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