IE 6 Favorites Menu "Shortened"



A week ago, for some reason, my IE6 Favorites Menu "was shortened" - so
that all that was visible was the last used items. In order to see the
whole list of list of favorites I have to click on a down arrow. I must
have set something to make that happen - but how do I get rid of it?



Jan Il

Hi Steve :)

You don't mention the version of Windows you are using, but, try the
following and see if it helps:

Go to Tools>Internet Options >Advanced tab
Uncheck "Enable Personalized Favorites Menu"
Click on Apply then click OK.


Files Added to Favorites Folder Are Missing [Q209088];EN-US;Q209088

"Internet Explorer Favorites are missing/empty".

Show All Items on the Start Menu or Favorites Menu


Display all the links on the favorites menu
Bookmark Wizard
AMdead Link

Hope this helps.

Jan :)
MS MVP - Windows IE/OE [DTS/AumHa]
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