IDE - SATA Converter - Setup help please




Basic story goes...

Got new PC with SATA MoBo and HDD

Got old HDD from old PC that is IDE

Got one of these converters -

but I cannot get the PC to see the old drive !!!???

The above kit comprises of a little PCB / a SATA cable and a power
connector that connects the PCB to a molex plug. I guess this powers the
converter card. Therefore the whole assembly needs 2 molex power leads,
one for the converter card and one for the drive.

My MoBo has 4 SATA sockets, number SATA 1 - SATA 4 !

The primary SATA HDD is plugged into SATA 1

Tried the old IDE converted drive in SATA 2 and SATA 3.

Also tried various combinations of master slave and cable connect jumper
settings on the IDE drive.

So firstly do these converter devices actually work ?

Secondly what should I set the jumper settings to on the IDE HDD

and thirdly which SATA socket should I use?
any help greatly appreciated



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