ide to sata converters



In the new computer that I am contemplating there is 1 ide connector
for 2 ide drives. The rest are sata connectors. I have some old ide
optical drives that I would like to use, and some ide hard drives that
I would at least like to transfer the data from.

Has anyone tried the ide to sata converters that are advertised?

Does the converted ide drive approach the data transfer speed of a
native sata drive?

Is the master slave jumper relevant when using the converter?

I would like to hear of anyones experiences with the converter.



I have a couple of no name chinese ones i used for a very short while andthey
worked great with a pair of 250GB WD drives.

Seemed fast to me. But i never ran any benchmarks

You leave the drive jumpered as if it was a single drive setup. You can also
set the drive to cable select.

Its useable if you want to still use an old hd for a while.

I seemed to have some trouble with mine and using CD burning software with my
old Pioneer DVD burner, but the HD's work great without a hitch. So depending
on the device it may or may not be an issue.

Thanks GMAN
Appreciate the response. Think I will try it.


If you have a case that installs the HD "sidways" like an Antec Sonata,
i.e. the drive is mounted so that the end with the cable connection is
facing the case door, then you should check the depth of the adaptor.

When I got mine at Frys, there were 2 makes & I selected the shallower
on general principles & lucked out; even it was a few dollars more expensive.

From what I read the ide to sata adaptor allows the HD to run at "half speed"
(sata 1) instead of sata 2; can't tell the difference in acutal practice
for my usage.

Actually I am looking at the antec sonata with the "sideways" hds. The
cable and power plug do seem to be very close to the door. I'll check
to be sure I get a shallow adapter.
Thanks for the heads up.


On Jul 18, 10:20=A0am, (e-mail address removed) (GMAN) wrote:

By shallow , the other poster meant to get one that mounts flat against the
back of the IDE drive vertically, instead of sticking out horizontally like my
cheap chinese made ones.

Thanks GMAN

I understand that he meant that the part does not increase the length
of the hd by a large margin, i.e. low profile . I know that sata and
pci express are the best way to go in building a computer. I haven't
put one together for a few years and have to get caught up on the new
Could anyone throw out a name or part number of a good ide to sata


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