icons missing



Some of my icons have went into a file folder named "unused desktop
shortcuts" (this file folder is an icon) Don't know how they got there or how
to get them out





TaurArian [MVP]

The Desktop Cleanup Wizard removes unwanted shortcuts. If you don't want to use it
the Desktop Cleanup Wizzrd, then,
1) Right-click a blank area of your desktop and press Properties.
2) Select the Desktop Tab.
3) Press Customize.
4) Uncheck .....Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days box.
5) Press okay

To restore the shortcuts you're missing -

1) Double-click the Unused Desktop Shortcuts icon to display the Unused Desktop
Shortcuts dialog.
2) Drag the shortcut you want to the desktop. If the Windows is maximized, press the
Restore Down button, next to the red Close button.
3) Close the Unused Desktop Shortcuts dialog.

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