Icons get rearranged frequently...



This was an annoyance I've had with all previous versions of windows
as well, but kind of disappointed that with all the interface rework
in vista that it still persists. I run a lot of games, and it seems
that every time I install one it defaults to a lower resolution then I
run for the desktop. As a result all of the desktop icons get
"scrunched" and jumbled in order to fit on the lower resolution
screen, so instead of one neat column running down the left side and
my recycle bin in the bottom right I end up with everything jumbled
into the top left corner, and the bin somewhere mid-screen. Tried the
"auto arrange" feature, but that doesn't preserve recycle bin
location, or any non-alphabetical groupings I have my icons arranged
in. Does anyone have a decent workaround that preserves icon
placement so i don't have to manually re-arrange everything every time
I install a new piece of software that likes to start in a low
resolution full screen view? (I know that once the software is
installed and i reset its preferences/settings all is good, but I do a
lot of install/uninstall's)



Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

This seems to be a default behaviour of Windows when games are played full

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