Vista Changing Screen Resolution down -- Desktop icons moving



I bought a Dell laptop that runs Windows Vista Premium. Since I started
using it, Vista changes my screen resolution to a lower setting every time I
login/reboot or when the computer goes in sleep mode.

Also, my desktop icons are always being moved to the left. I have unchecked
auto-arrange and align to grid, but no results. The desktop icons keep
moving to the left whether or not auto-arrange and align to grid is checked
or not.

I am not sure whether it is relevant but the laptop has Intel Integrated
Graphics Media Accelerator 950.

I have run windows updates, and it seems that everything is up-to-date. I
also checked for Intel graphic updates.




I have the same problem with my Dell XPS M1330 but only when i open my lid
and it wakes up from sleep, its not like that when it has gone in to

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