IAS Server Event ID 3 Reason Code 6 Reason= The server is unavail




I just upgraded my NT4 PDC to a Windows Server 2003 DC. The domain is in mixed mode (windows 2000 compatible) as I still have two NT4 SP6a BDC's online. My IAS Server is a Windows 2000 Member Server. Outside users use a cisco VPN client to connect to a PIX506e VPN server which, in turn, uses RADIUS to authenticate users with the IAS Server. Everything worked fine until I upgraded the PDC to a 2K3 DC. Now the IAS System log shows the following Event...

Event Type: Error
Event Source: IAS
Event Category: None
Event ID: 3
Date: 6/27/2004
Time: 10:17:20 AM
User: N/A
Computer: IAS Server (modified by me)
Access request for user (username) was discarded. (modified by me)
Fully-Qualified-User-Name = Domain\user (modified by me)
NAS-IP-Address = xx.xx.xx.xx (modified by me)
NAS-Identifier = <not present>
Called-Station-Identifier = <not present>
Calling-Station-Identifier = <not present>
Client-Friendly-Name = Pix506
Client-IP-Address = xx.xx.xx.xx (modified by me)
NAS-Port-Type = <not present>
NAS-Port = 5
Reason-Code = 6
Reason = The server is unavailable.

I did register the IAS Server in Active Directory and it is listed in the RAS/IAS Servers group to no avail.

Please help. I need to get my VPN users connected ASAP



Update. In case anyone is interested, I figured out the problem. My Win2000 IAS server was still configured to use the NT4 Netbios domain name. Although my domain is still in mixed mode the IAS server would not authenticate users until I changed the domain name on the IAS server to the new DNS name.

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