IAS, Radius and AD


Andy Knight

I am in the process of putting in an Active Directory 2003
domain. Currently I have an NT4.0 domain which operates a
2-way trust to the AD domain. Our RAS server is a windows
2000 server which also has IAS radius running on it.
Before I started mass moving users onto the new domain I
thought i would check that a user account migrated onto
the AD domain could still use the RAS server on the NT4.0
domain as we have quite a few RAS users. Every time I try
to authenticate when dialling up I get an IAS error
message in the system event log on the RAS server with
Reason-Code = 6. I have looked this error up on
microsofts site and all it says is "IAS Server
unavailable". How can this be when the RAS server I am
dialling is also the IAS server? Dialling up using an
account from the NT4.0 domain works fine with no
authentication issues at all and I am using the same
client for both tests.




Hey Andy...My name is joe and we are experiencing the same issues....do
you have any insight ...or did you come up with a resolution....

Any help would be appreciated...
Sep 4, 2006
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Yep, what you are seeing is that you are authenticating once against a policy and once through the user account permissions (dialup permissions granted = NT 4.0).

You will need to take a close look at your remote access policies on both IAS and RRAS.

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