i860 Color casting



I've had an i860 for over a year.
Up to now it had printed photos very well. I've was using Canon
I recently put in cartridges that I bought at a computer show. I've
bought cartridges from this vendor in the past for my late departed
Epson. They worked fine. These cartridges seemed to work fine with my
everyday printing.

Problem came up when I was printing some photos I took at Christmas.
They all printed with a green tint to them.
I ran a head cleaning and alignment with no improvement.

I tried using all of the color profiles available with no changel.
I tried changing the color adjustment by lowering the cyan. No
change. I tried increasing the magenta. No change.
I expected to see the color change when I made these changes.
Nothing changed. I have a stack of identical green tinted pictures.
As a test I printed a picture I printed 6 months ago that looked fine.
It came out with the green tint.

I used Easy photo print. I printed one using Irfanview. Same result.

I'm running Windows 2000 and printed on Canon PP101 paper.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



I have a similar problem with an i950 but my color cast is blue, see
the earlier thread "Canon I 950 blue colour cast". Sender DD, 9/01/2005.
It would be interesting if you find that the paper option affects the



I tried changing the paper to plain paper. No change.
The profile automatically selected stayed the same.

I just printed a magazine article that I had downloaded. It was in
PDF format. I printed an 8 page article which contained picturer,
drawings and text. It came out exactly as it appeared on the screen.
This indicates to me that the printer is working ok.

I don't understand why changing the color settings has no affect on
the print.

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