I want to append updated data to an Excel spreadsheet


Renton Kelly

I have 3 Excel spread sheets. One is the master copy of information; the
other two contain updated data from other offices. I want to append or update
the master sheet with the information on the second and third sheets without
altering any of the other information on the master sheet, only the amended
data. I cannot cut and paste as I will loose some of the original (Master
sheet) data. I have searched the general Excel Help files without success.
Perhaps append is the wrong description. Ant help would be appreciated.

Gord Dibben

Seems it would depend upon where you want the new data to be appended on the
master sheet.

Do you want to gather the updated info from sheets 2 and 3 and add it after
existing data on the master sheet?

Or insert it somewhere in master sheet?

How would you gather the updated data from sheets 1 and 2

More details are required before a suggestion could be made.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

On Tue, 4 Aug 2009 00:31:01 -0700, Renton Kelly <Renton

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