copying data from master ti individual sheets



copying lines to different worksheets in the same work book

I have a master data sheet that I update daily. I transfer the
information via copy and paste between 10 sub sheets (sales areas) The
sales areas have individual identifyers in column D, this is the information
I need to sort on. and the copy line to that spreadsheet on the next
available line.

Each sales group has an individual sheet. From the master sheet I want to
copy each line to their corresponding sheet. ie, sales 1to sheet sales 1,
sales 2 to sheet sales 2 etc.

Could somebody help me automate this process?

Thanks in advance


Browse & examine this option as well - a relatively simple, non-array
formulas model to deliver the exact functionalities requested -- one which is
easily understood and adapted to suit:

Take it away. Success? hit the YES below, drop me a line here ..

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