right ive had this virus on my computer for a week now and still i cant rid
of it. it is a trojan horse virus and it has infected

norton antivirus keeps poping up with these virus warnings and its starting
to get on my nerves.
ive tryed to delete the file but it just says it is write protected.

ive tryed the 'turn off system restore method' but that does nt work.

ive tryed to follow the guides that norton have gave me but that dones nt
seem to work.

so what i need is someone who knows what there doing to help me get rid of
this stupid virus.

if i could delete the file is it something my computer needs ?

please please help.

Darren Curtis

You can try a TrendMicro House call:

Let it scan all your Hard drives.

Best Regards,
Darren Curtis, MCSE
Microsoft Enterprise Support Engineer
Get Secure! - www.microsoft.com/security

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