I can still select & manipulate locked & protected cells in '07



I have an Excel 2007 worksheet that rotates between locked and unlocked rows.
I protect the document correctly (checking the boxes “select unlocked cellsâ€
& “format cellsâ€), but I am still able to indirectly select and manipulate
the locked cells. To do this I select an unprotected cell and drag the cursor
vertically over any number of unprotected and protected cells and then end
the drag on an unprotected cell. This highlights (and selects) both the
unlocked & locked cells and I am able to manipulate all of them freely (i.e.
changing the background color etc.). How can I stop this from happening?




Mike H


When you protect the sheet you have several options you can check. If you
check allow formatting cells then you can do that even on locked cells so
remove the checkmark

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