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Mike Josephson

I have a spreadsheet that has a range A5:H30 being used as a list of product
numbers entered in Column A (A5:A30) and a vlookup in the remainder range
b5:h30 (locked cells) to fill in the remaining order information. Range
G5:G30 (locked) is the Rate. I protect the sheet to allow only unlocked
cells to be selected to ensure data integrity. My issue is that now I have
certain product numbers that have a variable Rate that needs to be entered
at the time the order is being entered. Is there a way to unprotect the
sheet, unlock Range G(whatever row contains the variable product number) so
that the variable rate can be entered, and then once entered, set the order
form back to the protected state. I can probably work the code but just
don't know the property to change the cell protection option. I thank you
in advance!





Hi Mike,

I am taking it you don't want to manually unprotect the worksheet.

Once unprotected it does not matter if a cell is locked or unlocked.

You can write a macro that will unpassword protect the sheet . You can then
have an alternate macro that protects. You can place these macros in your
personal macro folder so nobody else can run them.

To unprotect:

ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:=""

To protect:

ActiveSheet.Protect Password:=""

Your password goes in the "".



Mike Josephson


Actually I'm talking about just unprotecting that cell based on product
number, I don't want to allow users to manually unprotect the sheet, and
also if i unprotect the sheet i want to immediately protect the sheet again
after they enter the variable rate so that they cannot modify the other
protected cells...would I just reprotect after a change event?


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