I can only use the first 500GB of the 1.5TB SATA hard drive (C: dr



My PC came with a 250GB hard drive and I replaced it with a 1.5TB one and
installed the vista (32bit home premium, Service Pack 1). The installation
went fine and I was able to format the 1.5TB during the installation. After
the vista is up, I can see the capacity is 1,500,299,390,976 bytes.
Everything worked fine till the I used the space up to roughly 500GB. When I
copy a very small file, I keep getting message "insufficient space...". But
I checked the disk property, I see there are still 1.02TB free.

My question:

Does vista 32bit home premium edtion have maximum hard drive limitation on
the OS disk?



Rick Rogers


Vista HP has no trouble with drives of that size or higher. The limitation
would be on amount of installed memory and should not have any bearing on
this issue.

Run diskmgmt.msc from the start/search line, see what it reports about the
drive space usage.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help - www.rickrogers.org

Dominic Payer

Vista has no limit.

Your BIOS might have a limit, or the disk firmware version might have
problems with your motherboard or BIOS. Check for BIOS updates and
whether others are reporting similar problems with your hardware

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