Hvordan konverteres en Access database fra 2003 til 2007-format?

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Jeg har udviklet en database i Microsoft Access 2000-format og siden
konverteret den smertefrit, da jeg opgraderede til 2003-formatet. Men nu, da
jeg har anskaffet mig 2007-formatet er det bestem ikke uden smerter. NÃ¥r jeg
Ã¥bner databasen meddeler den "Your database or project contains a missing og
broken reference to the file "mscomct2.ocx" version 2, hvilket er rent
kinesisk for mig. Herudover er der visse funktioner der ikke længere
fungerer, fx alle mine kombinationsbokse, og den meddeler "Name?" i
datofelter, hvor standardværdien er sat til "Date()".




You will have to check the references in the new file. I'm assuming that you
are updating file formats and have an ActiveX control that no longer works...
(English is the primary language here, by the way)

Check Tools -> References and verify that all the same references are called
and ordered how they should be.

or try re-restistering mscomct2.ocx via the cmd prompt

Regsvr32 /?

"Name?" shows up when the control cannot evaluate a function.

Jack Leach

- "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of
enthusiasm." - Sir Winston Churchill

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