HTML Signatures in 2007 without attachment



I am trying to set up an HTML signature with a logo in Outlook 2007 that does
not send out as an attachment. In the Microsofts Help guide there is a
posting titled- "Why cant I use HTML code in my signature anymore?" with this

The Microsoft Office Word 2007-based e-mail editor is the only e-mail editor
provided in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. This e-mail editor does not
support HTML code in signatures.

Further into the reference it advises users to research an alternative way.
I have not found anything so far. I am assuming 2003 supported this
capability and 2007 does not?

Can anyone please help?




Sue Mosher [MVP]

You could try editing the .htm file created by Outlook with Notepad or any
other simple HTML editor.

However, a logo that points to an external web site won't be visible to many
recipients, because Outlook and many other mail applications block external
web content by default. If you want to increase the chances of the logo being
seen, you need to embed it, not link it.

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