Signature in Outlook 2007


Stewart Berman

I have a small HTML file that I used as a signature in Eudora. It is 809 bytes.

I wanted to create the same signature in Outlook 2007. I went into Signature/New in Outlook 2007.
I then open the Eudora signature file in Explorer, selected all, copied and pasted it into the
Outlook 2007 signature editor. I then saved it. The signature in Outlook 2007 is spread over three
files and totals over 53KB. It also sends it in a format that causes the text color to be lost when
viewed in Eudora. Whereas, Eudora sends it in a format where the text color is correct in both
Outlook 2007 and Eudora.

There is something wrong with a communications system that reduces the signal to noise ration by a
fact or 600. That is, the same information that can be sent in 809 bytes now requires 53KB+ and
loses color information.

Is there someway to just attach a simple HTML file as a signature without adding 52KB of overhead?



Roady [MVP]

Yes, place it directly in the Signatures folder. Make sure you also include
Plain Text (txt) and Rich Text (rtf) versions of the signature in case you
are using that message format as well.

The overhead is caused because Outlook (or actually Word) is using CSS
(style sheets) for formatting. However, unused CSS is stripped again when
sending. Apparently Eudora doesn't support (inline) CSS or at least not
fully. I know this is definitely the case for Eudora on a Mac.

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