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I have an Hp color LaserJet 2600n that is network connected. I was unable to
use the toolbox software on any of my PC's. After getting nowhere with HP or
Microsoft, I did some tweaking myself and found the following:

HP claims that toolbox will not work with IE7. (and hence, Vista!) This is
not true. I had the following connected: 1 Win2K machine with IE6, 1 WinXP
Pro SP2 machine with IE7, and 1 Win Vista Home Premium laptop. None of them
communicated originally. I then disabled .NET version 3 on the Vista Machine,
and uninstalled the update that updated to version 3 on the other 2 machines,
and everything was fully functional with absolutely no problems. If this
poses no security or operation errors with anyone, It seems an easy way to
get around HP and Micro$oft's failure to support legacy equipment everytime
something new comes out. Not all of us have an IT trust fund at our disposal!
As long as the .NET version is 2, all works great!!


I had similar problem with Scan buttons on HP Photosmart C4385 and C4280. The
HP technical support does not seem what they are talking about. After 5 hours
with HP technical support the Scan buttons did not work, and the HP problem
solver utility did not work well also for scanning! Later I found in a HP
website an statement that the Scan buttons do not work with Vista !!!! Didn't
the HP technicians know about that?
And the two printers carry the logo "Vista Certified" but the statement on
this HP website contradicts the meaning of "Vista Certified" which is the
printers should work with no problem with Vista. But they do not ! Does not
seem like a case of wrong advertisement to say the least?
The printers were connected via USB to my Toshiba Portege PC Tablet
M400-ST4001, Vista Ultimate, 4GbRAM.
The HP website is:

Any comments ?
Thank you

Alain Brousseau

We have the same problem and got no support from HP.
Where do we go to disable the .Net version 3 that you talked about?

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