HP printer trouble



Whenever I change my print page size in the control panels it never works. I
go in, save it, go back to my document and it's not there.

I've had Geek Squad out here to make sure I have the correct printer driver
for Vista installed but it's still giving me the same problem.

Can anyone help???




Geek Squad out here to make sure I have the correct printer driver 
for Vista installed
And what did they say / what is the correct printer driver for VISTA
and that pre-VISTA printer?

From the HP drivers page for it, it looks as though you should be using
one of the PCL drivers and you'd probabaly be better trying the PCL5
one first.

Remember that if your printer is USB connected you must NOT have the
USB cable plugged into the PC until after the software is installed or
until the installation procedure tells you to plug it in.

If that Universal driver does not work then I'd be inclined to download
the XP complete software package and install that using Compatibility
mode set to XP with SP2 and also start the installation with Run as

You need to remove any traces of the printer from your setup and reboot
the PC before trying a fresh installation.

Say if you need help on any specifics.


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