HP m7000 mup.sys problem...



Am working on old HP m7000 which was hanging at mup.sys whilst booting up in
Safe mode,
XP Media Centre,

I suspect that mup.sys was damaged due to a failing sector/s on hardisk -
mup.sys (or at least parts of it), was stored approx 5.5mb's in from front
end of 250gb hd.
Spinrite 6 repaired it sufficiently to get the thing booting but, left a
splattering of unrecoverable locations in one sector. i.e. one red "U"

Can anyone tell me why mup.sys is on this machine - (i.e. it's not present
on my XP Home ed. machine), and is it anything to do with the Novell netware
server icon "CSNW" in m7000's Control Panel ?
Can I e.g. Recovery Console - "disable Mup.sys" or is this file required
for this machine?

I can't overwrite the possibly damaged file with the original mup.sys from
Windows media centre CD until Monday, (owners are away until Monday),
....same old story - PC delivered to me with no disks !

Am going to, hopefully Ghost 14.0 "copy" C:\ and D:\ recovery partition
drive while it's still alive !
....is it possible to restore just mup.sys form HP.s recovery partiton ?

Does this machine need the "Multiple UNC Provider driver" ? ...perphaps to
do with HP software updates ?

regards, Richard




RJK said:
Am working on old HP m7000 which was hanging at mup.sys whilst booting up in
Safe mode, ...

When you see the hang at mup.sys during load, that file has already been
loaded and it is whatever NEXT that causes the hang, most likely another
driver. Because the next driver hangs, the display doesn't update so
you see the last item that got populated on the screen.

Does booting using "Last known good configuration" get you beyond the
driver load problem (assuming it was a recent driver install or update)?


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