non-standard or invalid boot record



PC is an HP Windows XP media Center.

Hard drive has a small FAT32 Recovery partition in P1. Partition 2 shows as C: with XP.

I had to do an HP Recovery because of some file/folder permission issues and other update caused problems.

First HP Recovery seemed to go well...
all seemed okay, but since it did not format, all old data was still intact. However that left the residual permissions

I pulled the drive, mounted it as a slave in another system and did a quick format with Drive Manage.

I executed the HP Recovery again and it all seemed to go well....
until I rebooted.

All I got was an eternal string of beeeeeps!

I changed the boot.ini from 0 delay to 5 seconds so I could see if I got that far.

Nope. Never got that far.

So I booted an XP CD to get into Recovery Console
FixBoot did not help.

FixMBR presents a warning:

This computer appears to have a non-standard or invalid boot master record. FIXMBR may damage your partition tables if
you proceed.

etc. etc.

Are you sure you want to write a new boot record?

what to do next?





Media Center support should be pretty good on being able to supply you with
disks for 'restoring to factory defaults', including the Recovery partition,
though I would expect to pay a fee, if it's too old to have a warantee. As
long as the drive is not damaged, you should be ok.

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