HP LaserJet 1012



Folks, has anybody yet gotten HP LaserJet 1012 to work in Vista. I have an
MS Update for the 1012 Dot 4 or something, but if fails everytime I try to
install it. Ever few updates later I try this update and still it fails to
install. Thanks in advance, Phil Schlueter BTW, I have installed the XP
drivers and the HP LaserJet 1012 is listed in the available "printers" but
when I print to this printer it just sits there doing nothing.


I assume that you went into Printer Properties from the Windows Control
Panel and checked to make sure that the printer was on the correct port.
It should say DOT4 or something like that. If it doesn't, change the
port. If the DOT4 port (Generic IEEE 1284.4 printing support) doesn't
show up at all, the printer driver installation went bad initially.

I'm using the built-in driver for the HP 1015, but that's because there
originally was not a Vista x64 driver for the 1012 and I got tired of
waiting for HP to get off their collective duffs.


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