HP All-in-one printers disappearing when there are changes in the network status



I have an HP 6310 on my SOHO network and access it from two computers running
Vista 64. One is a laptop and the other a workstation. I have been fighting
this for months.

I have hounded HP and they number of incidents sent to MS probably goes over
100. I agree that it is very difficult to understand why both of these
companies just ignore this. Don't they care?

Anyway, any future small items such as scanner or printer that I buy WILL
NOT BE HP. This driver issues is not new to HP. I had two HP scanners that
I had to discard simply because HP would not update the drivers as the OSes
changed. My HP Color Laserjet seams to have good drivers and support.

I have had exceptionally good experience with the Epson scanner and photo
printer. They are on USB and not Ethernet but they work perfectly all the
time and NO driver isses and that includes Vist 64.

I am thinking of filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about
these HP products not being suitable to etheir intended use. ALL complaints
are susposed to be answered.

The more who do that the more effect it will have.

John H

I mentioned that I was having problems with my 6310 and that I would post
again if my problem was resolved. I am glad I didn't post too soon! I also
am unable to accurately express my frustration with HP and with MS. It was a
huge mistake to purchase Vista instead of XP for my new computer. The fact
that I had a perfectly good HP PSC 750 which HP wouldn't support in Vista
should have been a clue for me, but nooooooo - I had to go out and purchase a
new HP printer which doesn't work with Vista.

HP support were very polite and suggested numerous things, most of which
didn't work. The only thing that seemed to work was to turn off the "CUE"
service as I mentioned in my previous post. That resulted in a working
(networked) printer, but left me with regular error messages which were
bothersome, but the printer worked. Now, today, although my printer shows
"ready" as a network device nothing prints. I have been working on it for
about two hours, including rebooting the computer, which curiously didn't
clear the print cue. I have just tried shutting off the Windows Print
Spooler service and turning it back on and then rebooting. For some reason,
I now have a working printer. Temporarily.

The joke is that this 2+ hour effort was merely to print address labels for
Xmas cards. This kind of time savings I don't need.

Sadly, the only folks reading this will have likely already purchased an HP
printer. If not, don't! If you can return yours, like I should have done, I
recommend you do so. Both HP and MS have known about this problem for at
least 6 months. I don't accept that they can't fix it, they are likely just
too embroiled in a pissing match over who should be responsible.


I have the same issue described on this thread, with my networked HP
Photosmart 3210. OS is Vista Home Premium with all of both MS and HP updates
as well as the HP CIT223969 "Critical update to prevent unexpected printer

the HP support suggested me to disable both UAC and the Antivirus, you may
imagine how my reply was. I think HP produces high quality hardware, but
software should really improve: actually, I got the svchost.exe_HPSLPSVC
crash each time my notebook resumes or the assigned IP changes.

not to mention the scanner part of the HP 3210 is not present on Windows
Vista Scanner applet.



I am having to reinstall my HP 6210 all-in-one any time I unplug it from the
USB port. It seems to be HP-specific judging from other posts in this forum
= all the printer issues seems to be with HP, esp the all-in-one units.


To sum up. I am screwed. Thanks HP. Thanks Windows.
I am shorting both stocks tommorrow.
Let me know when I can quit reinstalling my brand new HP Printer driver on
my brand new Vista driven ACER laptop when I want to print something. Idiots.
And I was yelling at my wife for screwing it up.

Alan Morris said:
Is the printer located in the registry?


Are the printers local devices targeting the network card on the printer or
are these connections to a machine sharing the printers.

When you install the inbox driver for this device, does it also get removed?

When you say HP detects that they are there, do you mean the printers? Do
you know what application is detecting the printers? If HP has software
that detects printers who knows what they might do if the printer is no
longer detected.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Kathi Johnston said:
I have an HP Officejet 7410 AIO (wireless network printer). I am having
same problem. I have 4 networked machines. 3 XPs, 1 Vista Home Premium
(Dell 1705 laptop-Vista was factory installed). The Vista machine keeps
losing the printer. It's no where to be found. But you can't reinstall
drivers (which I've conveniently left on my desktop as I've needed them so
often), as HP detects that they are there (somewhere). You have to
the drivers to get to reinstall the drivers, just to get the printer back.
It's time consuming and annoying. You don't look for the drivers UNLESS
are trying to print.

Any help would be great.



Let me know when I can quit reinstalling my brand new HP Printer driver on 
my brand new Vista driven ACER laptop when I want to print something. Idiots. 

Perhaps when you install a Critical Update file on the HP website intended to
stop this happening?

You don't mention what HP printer it is -- that file is there for the 7410 AIO


Perhaps. I will check for the so called critical updates. I appreciate the
lead. By they way, I did short the stocks as promised and made a butt load of
money to get my money back on this software, the computer and the printer.


I have the same problem. Also have HP C5180 and Vista Home Basic, but direct
USB connection. The driver/software continually disappears or is not
recognized as Vista compatible and I am forced to download the same printer
driver again and again. Has anyone solved this problem since the posting of
Surago's message last June?


I have tried everything possible to get my HP PSC 500 to work with Vista, I
had no problems with XP. The driver is there, but it presents an error when I
go to print. I have contacted HP and they tell me because my machine, which
is in perfect working condition, is 5 yrs old it will not work with Vista. I
find this totally unacceptable and would like to find a solution to this
other than spending more money unneccessarily to get a 2nd printer that I
don't want or have room for
Any real suggestions out there?


You just said that -- don't multipost or if you get answers they are
likely to be all over the place and duplicated.


I've been fighting this problem ever since Vista arrived. (A black day). HP
tech spent many hours in live support, and finally sent me an uninstall link
and a reinstall link, which amazingly got the HP6180C working. BUT, the next
time I plugged in the laptop, I watched the drivers disappear from the
control panel, and Vista announced that it had found new software. THe
reinstall was only partial, so nothing worked, but when I unplugged the
printer from the laptop, and replugged it , the "found" message reappeared,
and all the drivers were installed, and the printer worked. Happens every
time. Not a complete answer, but maybe it works.


I have a similar problem.
Nearly every time I turn on my HP PSC 1610 the printer disappears form
printers list in control panel.
Vista attempts to load drivers and often hangs half way thru and I
have to remove the USB cable and replace for the driver installation
to complete.

I have not found a solution so if you do please post answer


Dr. George

I have an HP Photosmart C6180 that has re-installed 11 times now. It happens
when my system automatically goes to sleep. The drivers re-install
automatically; but the installation changes the configuration on my PC such
that I must re-specify the proper scanner, etc. for my PC. HP has an update
file that prevents disappearance of network printing software. I cannot get
it to install. During the installation process, I get a message that says
there is no supported software on my PC for that update. I don't understand
it all!


Just wondering if anybody has seen this problem. HP claims that they
have not seen this problem (despite I have reported it before...)

I have a Photosmart C6180 installed on my network. Under XP, everything
seems to work fine. However, on my Vista x64 machines, the printer and fax
seems to disappear when there are changes in the network status (for
example, resuming from suspend, and disabling and r-enabling the network
interfaces, even when the interfaces being changed does not connect to the
printer). I would get a Vista error saying that the HP Network Printer
Services has stopped responding and then after this happens, I have a very
good chance that the C6180 printer and fax will disappear from my list of
printers on the machine.

When this happens, the only way is to run the HP software (which I
downloaded from the web for Vista x64) and add a new printer from there.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there a fix?

Many thanks.

PS. Called local HP and their tech support gave me the stupid response of
"We don't know. Maybe don't suspend your computer?". I have a laptop
running the software, idiot......

I'm having exactly the same problem with my HP Phogtosmart C6180. It has disappeared from my Win 7 Pro(64-bit) system - Not for the first time - but keep having the error message during installation: Installer cannot access HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM. At this point I can Retry or Cancel. Unfortunately Retry doesn't achieve anything and the only option I'm left with is to Cancel, which terminates the installation.AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

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