HP 3970 Scanner



I am using Win XP Pro.

Maybe someone has used this scanner and knows the answer to my inquiries:

The scanner works well when started from the 'photo and imaging' desktop
icon and the scanner scand documents and photos well but I would like two

The front panel buttons are 'shortcuts' (scan, copy, instant share, memories
disc creator) that can be used instead of opening the 'Photo and imaging'
link but when I put a document or photo in and push the 'scan' button, it
says 'scan button press' and gives two options for 'hp scanning software' and
'Microsoft scanner and camara wizard.' When I choose 'hp scanning software,'
the HP scanning page begins to open and then an error messages states 'an
error occured communicationg with scanning device-Please ensure scanning
device is connected properly.' What am I doing wrong? Should the software be

Second, the 'HP Director' icon is on the desktop but when I click on it,
nothing happens. The 'photo and imaging' icon is below it and 'works' when I
click on it. Why is the 'HP Director' icon there if it does not serve a
purpose? There are four desktop icons: HP Director, HP Photo and Imaging,
Share to Web Upload folder, and HP memories disc.

Enlighten me :)


I figured it out. I had to go into 'Scanner Properties' and select 'select
an event' (and choose one of the four front panel buttons) and then select
'start this program' and choose hp scanning software.

I can only 'use' access one button at a time on the panel and it has to be
changed in properties before it can be used..

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