How Will I Number Each Columns in Word ?


Biju toha

Hello !

I am going to write a Book in Office Word 2003, You know, in every page I made 2 columns, So I need to number each column (like go to Insert > Page Number...)

Just different hear in my intention, I have to put my number based on columns not overall page . Is it possible ? If, how is this done in 2003 also 2007 ?

Thanks in Advance

Stefan Blom

Are you using the columns feature (Format | Columns)? In that case, you will
have to make use of calculated page numbers as follows:

{ = 2*{ PAGE } - 1 }

{ = 2*{ PAGE } }

Place these in text boxes anchored to the page header but positioned in the
document where you want them.

Alternatively, you could set up your document in a single column and print
two pages per sheet.

Stefan Blom

Note that you can't insert the field delimiters, { }, by typing them into
the document. Instead, each pair must be created by pressing Ctrl+F9.

Use F9 to update fields in the selection. Alt+F9 shows/hides field codes.

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