How to uninstall Office 2007 Enterprise when Add/Remove fails?



How can I uninstall MS 2007 Office Enterprise when the Add/Remove fails AND
the instructions of kb928218 fail at Step 1F to remove .msi files with the MS
Office 2007 subject lines?
I tried to re-install MS Office 2007 when Word failed to access online help.
Error message:
"The CLView cannot install the necessary files due to installer error 1635."
Other user advised me to uninstall then reinstall MS office 2007, but
encounter repeated failures for an Uninstall option.
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Graham Mayor

Re-install it from the original program disc to the same folder, then
uninstall it.

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Thank you. Tried to reinstall from original disc to same folder. Process
stopped with error message that said "Installed Stopped Due to Error!" or
words to that effect. I tried the reinstall several times, even acquired a
new disc; same problem. I have not tried to reinstall in Safe Mode. Would
this be an effective option?
BTW, do you have information on how to use the MS Uninstaller patch safely?


Thanks again. I was aware of Fix for Error 1635 but hesitated to implement
resolution because (1) my OS system does not have Plus & I did not know what
it contains (I have Windows Professional w/sp2), & (2) I did not know whether
Uninstall Issue & Error 1635 were related. Now I see that MS no longer
supports Plus, and it appears my ver. of OS does not use it. So I'll try to
remove the damaged register key and not worry about Plus. Skeptical, but
since even university faculty lab personnel do not have a solution, I'll try


Hi. re. kb812490 instructions the same as instructions in kb92818. Both fail
at the step for removal of .msi files. In fact, now I am not able to remove
Office 2003 professional as well as Office Enterprise 2007. I hate to have
to restore Dell E1505 to original state option, but I may not have a choice,
unless someone has a fix to the Uninstall 2007 problem. Thanks for any input
or suggestions. drC

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