CLView can't display help



When I try to access help in Word 2007 I get these error messages:

The setup controller has encountered a problem during install. Please
review the log files for further information on the error.

CLView can't display Help.
CLView cannot install the necessary files due to Windows Installer error 33.
The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a
portion of the file.

The help button works in all my other Office 2007 applications.

I have run Diagnostics. I have run repair. I also uninstalled Word and
reinstalled it and I still get the error messsage.

Can someone help with this problem?



Tony Jollans

I'm sorry, I don't know what the problem is although I have seen it
reported a few times.

CLView is the new Help viewer in Office 2007 - beyond that I know nothing of
it. In theory, uninstalling should remove it so that it can be reinstalled -
or repairing the installation should solve the problem. As neither of these
work, I suspect a rogue registry entry but don't know where to begin looking
for it.

This is pure guesswork now. Might you have had a trial version that was not
properly uninstalled before installing a full version?

There is a Windows Installer CleanUp Utility but its use with Office 2007 is
not recommended - I don't know why but clearly Office 2007 does something
non-standard. If I can find out anything more I will post back but this, at
the moment, seems like a mysterious error.

Shafi Ahmad

I have the same problem with Word 2007, exactly as JTC's (Installer
Error:33, CLView will not display the Help files). All other Office 2007
applications seem to work fine. I have run Diagnostics, re-installed the
suite, but could not get rid of the problem. Would like to know if anybody
has found a way out of the maze.

Laura Finn - Fly By Night

I also have exactly the same problem. Also getting several random crashes.
Diagnostics shows all is OK, ---Wish someone could find a fix.


I was receiving the exact same error messages in Word 2007 and Outlook 2007,
but strangely help worked fine in Excel 2007.

I tried the diagnostics (which found no problems), performed a repair (which
didn't fix the problem), and installed the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
(but didn't use it to actually remove anything.)

Eventually, I think I managed to figure out what was causing the problem in
my case. When I performed the original installation, I chose "Custom" and
then selected "Installed on First Use" for the entire installation. My guess
is that this "Installed on First Use" option was causing issues with the Word
and Outlook help feature.

To fix this problem, I uninstalled Office 2007 (by going to "Add/Remove
Programs" and clicking the "Remove" button for Office 2007). Once the
uninstallation was complete, I double-checked my hard drive to make sure no
easily visible files were left behind. In particular I looked for "\MSOCache"
and "\Program Files\Microsoft Office", which in my case had both been
successfully removed. After a reboot, I reinstalled Office 2007. This time I
chose "Custom" and then selected "Run all from My Computer" for the entire
installation. Once the reinstallation was complete, I opened Word and
Outlook, and the help was working properly.

Laura Finn - Fly By Night

Thanks comaxauto - rather than uninstalling the whole program, I was able to
fix the problem by uninstalling all subcategories of Office 2007 (add/remove
programs) so all I had was the bare bones for Word, access, excel & outlook.
I then tested the help files for each program & they worked fine, so I went
back in and reinstalled everything I needed, but as comaxauto suggested
nothing was left as 'install on first use'. So far all works as normal




Thanks! This did the trick for us too. Although, I had to fully uninstall
Outlook and reinstall.


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