How do I unistall previous version of Office?



I just purchased Office 2007 (Enterprise.) At the time of installation, I was
offered an option to delete my older version (Office 97.) I chose not to just
in case I had problems with 2007. Now that I am satisfied that 2007 is
working properly, I am prepared to uninstall 97. Can I do that using the
control panel add/remove facility? I'm concerned that in doing away with 97,
some files might be deleted that 2007 also needs.

Please advise...Thank you.




The best thing to do is uninstall first 2007 so it can remove all the
compatibility settings and then uninstall Office 97. After that reinstall
Office 2007 so you start fresh.

Just a quick advice, the best thing you should have done was to replace the
older version of Office when you were installing 2007 because the new office
handles compatibility issues well.

Hope this helps!



Graham Mayor

You can either retain them both (and they will work together happily if you
make some registry changes - ) or you can simply
uninstall Office 97 from add or remove programs. If you have not made the
above registry changes, Office 2007 will simply re-configure (if required)
the next time it is used.

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