How to Transfer/Copy Address Book?



Windows Mail doesn't use an address book, per se. It stores the contacts in
the contacts folder.
Export them from WM to a CSV file, then import that into OE.


I want to transfer/copy Address Book from Vista/Windows Mail
to XP/Outlook Express.

Wonder how to transfer/copy Address Book by using USB Flash-
Stick or any other media in order to complete the task?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Gary VanderMolen

Incidentally, you are posting from the future!
That happens when your PC's time zone is wrong.
It is set for Central time, but you are in the Eastern time zone.
Please correct your PC's time zone setting.

Gary VanderMolen

Windows Mail does not like to export to external devices.
Go to File, Export, Windows Contacts, choose CSV format,
Export, choose an empty folder on your hard drive.
Copy the saved CSV file to your flash drive.
In OE, do File, Import. I don't have an XP machine anymore
so I can't give you exact directions for the OE end.

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