How to set up as default the space between lines


Juan Pinon

Every time that I open a blank word document, the document opens with 10 in
space among lines and with Calibri as a default font. I want to set up as a
default font Times New Roman, and to change to 0 the space between lines in a
paragraph. How I can do that?



Herb Tyson [MVP]

In the Home tab, click the little SE-pointing arrow in the southeast corner
of the Styles section. This is the Styles launcher (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S will
launch it too). Near the bottom of the Styles pane, click the Manage Styles
button (the 3rd from the left). From there, click the Set Default Tab. Go

Near the bottom of this dialog, notice the options to apply this just to the
current document or to new documents based on this template (Normal.dotm,
unless you've explictly chosen a different template for the current




If what you really want is formatting (and possibly layout) that mimics Word
2003, do the following:
Start Word
Home tab, Styles group, Change Styles, Style Set, Word 2003
Home tab, Styles group, Change Styles, Fonts, Office Classic
Home tab, Styles group, Change Styles, Set as Default

If you want the margins to be the same as 2003, do the following:
Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, Margins, Office 2003
Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher, Page
Setup dialog box, Margins tab, Default, Yes

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