How to remove contacts when email changes



Outlook 2003

If I receive an email from a sender not on my list, that sender's email
address is not automatically added to my contacts but will appear on the
automated list when I enter the first letter of the sender's email address.
If that sender changes email address I cannot delete the old email address.
Instead I am left with two email addresses for that sender both of which will
appear on the automated list. How can I remove the old email address?

Russ Valentine

You seem to be confused. Receiving an email does not add an address anywhere
in Outlook. Sending an email might, and how to remove an entry from the
autocompletion cache has been posted here countless times.
Remove individual addresses from the autocompletion cache by highlighting
the entry when presented in the suggested names list (use your arrow key to
migrate to the entry) and then hitting your Delete key before you tab out of
the field. To clear the entire cache, follow the instructions here:;EN-US;Q287623

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