How to Reinstall Solitaire



I inadvertently uninstalled Microsoft Window's Solitaire---just the plain old
Solitaire. How can I reinstall it?

Thank you!


Well, I had "uninstalled" Solitaire but it was still on my computer. I found
it in "Windows Explorer", (C:), "Program Files", "Microsoft Games",
"Solitaire". Then I had to right click on the "Solitaire" type "Appliction"
file and "Send to" my "Desktop to create a "Shortcut". Now, all I do is go to
my opening screen and click on "Solitaire" and a game unfolds.

Its still not showing in my list of games but that's ok because I can still
play. Its probably a little different on every computer. I have an Acer,
bought in late 2008. The common denominator seems to be that even if you
think you've "Uninstalled" a Microsoft Windows game that came with your
computer, its still sitting there on your computer. You just have to find it
in Windows and then create the shortcut so you can use it again.


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