How to programmatically get a selected folder in outlook 2003?

Mar 11, 2010
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Dear all, I can’t find a way to programmatically get a selected folder.

The Explorer_Object.Selection returns selected emails, but not the selected folder.

I want to know selected folder, because I want to develop the following functionality:

General idea:
When creating a new email I would like to be able to specify folder where sent email will be saved to instead of being saved in the sent items.

Specific implementation.
I would like to achieve the following functionality.

Step 1 Before creating email I will select a specific Outlook folder (e.g. Customer1)
Step 2 Then I would normally press New, create outlook email and send it
Step 3: the email created in the Step 2 will be automatically saved in the folder, selected in the Step 1 and not in the sent items folder

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