how to open outlook offline



I have a user who isn't able to open Outlook offline. The following popup
window appears:
"Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window.
Before you can use this offline folder file, you must connect to your
Microsoft Exchange Server with the current profile and synchronize your
folders at least once."
She has done this. Cached Exchange Mode is ticked. After connecting to the
server, she can tick work offline. However, if she's not on the server, she
gets this error message when trying to open Outlook.
More history: I changed the profile in Outlook from another user to her
when she took the laptop. We had backed up the original user's pst file. We
didn't do anything with the ost file. Should we have? Do I need to run the
Integrity Tool? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Roady [MVP]

Not sure what you did her but you should create a mail profile for her on
the laptop;

Then have it synchronize with Exchange. This will create an ost-file for
that profile which enables you to work off-line.

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]

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And all I did was change the user name on the Exchange account from the
previous user to her.

In any case, just after I posted this I did have her delete the account and
then create it again and all seems fine.

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